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    The words of these people are pure pleasure.

    I gained a lot from the sessions I had with Lot. Not only was I able to express my thoughts and worries with her, but I was able to make small changes that I had been wanting to make for a long time, for example, perfecting my morning routine, deleting Instagram and not using my phone unnecessarily/being more productive with my phone, making meditation a daily practice.


    South Africa

    I felt very comfortable talking to Lot and found it easy to be myself. There was no judgment, which allowed me to be myself and was very freeing. I feel that I am cared for as Lot keeps checking on me continuously even after the sessions which I believe is a great component for a successful coach as she genuinely cares about her clients.She has a great sense of humour, which makes it easier to connect and communicate with her on a deeper level as she makes sure that the session is deep but fun at the same time.



    I experienced the coaching with Lot as very pleasant. Even though we did not know each other before, the conversation flowed easily and I felt comfortable with her from the beginning. Her calm and friendly personality made me feel at ease, and she had a lot of helpful tools and insights for me throughout the three sessions. I also really like how she always remembered what we had discussed in the previous session, made sure we stayed on track but also left room to pursue any other topics that were on the forefront for me on that day. She has so much knowledge to give, but still she focused on asking questions and giving me space to talk and find my own answers. It was a pleasure being coached by you!